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A white dove carries the olive branch of peace

The one thing many people are seeking is peace. Peace at home, on the job, amongst family members and in church. The real question is why are you seeking peace? Because the current conditions in your life keep you moving in so many directions, you don’t have time to sit down and relax. Can you imagine what life was like for Noah on the ark? Having to tend to all those animals on the ark, when did he have time to sit down and relax. There was always something that needed his attention. For forty days he listened to the rain come down, and truly was glad when it stopped. The one thing that was on his mind  now that the rain has stopped; when will he be able to get off the ark?  The ark was a good place during the rain and flood, because he and all with him were kept safe.  It is interesting that God told him what to build, how long it would rain, that there would be a flood, but God did not tell him how long after the rain he would be on the ark.

In Genesis 8:6-12 we read about how Noah let out the dove, but it found no place to rest, so it returned. This probably gave Noah an uneasy feeling, because he was wondering when the waters would recede. He waited seven days and sent the dove out early, and waited for it to return. All day he was wondering what was taking it so long to come back to him, but before the sunset the dove came back with a gift for Noah. The dove had a fresh olive leaf in its beak, and Noah was excited to see it. He now knows there is dry land with live vegetation. Also, God was sending him a message, because the olive leave symbolizes peace. God wanted Noah to know this too shall pass and he can be at peace.

What are you going through in your life that God told you, He would keep you safe? God did just that, but you are still waiting for everything to get back to normal. You appreciated all that was done but now you’re ready to move on. However, God has not yet released you from where you are, but He has shown you evidence that it will pass. Now it’s time for you to look at yourself and say “I’m at peace”. Thank you Lord!