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It’s one thing tell someone I love you, but to show someone your love through your actions is totally different. That’s what The Lord has done for us. He expresses His love for us through His actions, and the purpose for doing this is to get a response from us. In Psalm 18:1-6, David responds to the Lord with appreciation for what He has done for him. The first thing David does in verse 1 is tell the Lord “I love you”. He understands the only reason he is still alive is because the Lord blessed him. In verse 2, he uses various words to express who the Lord is to him, “rock, fortress, deliverer, shield, and stronghold”. David was using examples to explain how awesome the Lord is. He put it in writing to let others know, He can do the same for them. In verses 4-5 he shares what the Lord brought him through. In verse 6 David called on the Lord and he was saved. David used these verses to substantiate his initial statement “I love you”, by sharing how the Lord gave him the victory. David is making it crystal clear I’m not ashamed to tell the Lord “I love you”.

The season of Lent reminds you how much you are loved by the Lord. Now it’s time for you to express your love for Him by how you live your life. Your actions will allow others to see how the Lord has impacted your life. Now it’s time for you let all you encounter know you love the Lord! Be blessed.