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In 2 Kings 20:1-6 is the story of Hezekiah’s illness.  The prophet Isaiah told him to get his house in order, because he is going to die. After receiving this news King Hezekiah had two choices; accept it, get his house in order, and prepare to die, or pray to the Lord for his healing. After hearing what the prophet said, Hezekiah turned to the wall and prayed to the Lord. The approach he took in praying to the Lord was interesting. In his prayer,  he implored the Lord, in essence he was asking the Lord to have mercy on him. Then he reminded the Lord about how he walked faithfully with his whole heart. Hezekiah made the decision in his life to trust the Lord with every aspect of his life. Also, he did what was good in the sight of the Lord. Hezekiah presented to the Lord his faith and the good that came from it. When Hezekiah turned to the wall, Isaiah left him and before he could get out of the middle court the Lord turned him around. He went back to Hezekiah and let him know the Lord was going to heal him and add fifteen years to his life. None of this would have happened if Hezekiah was not ready to turn.
What  have you been faced with that appears it can not change? I want you to always remember the Lord has the final word. Therefore, are you ready to turn and present your case to the Lord?  As long as you have breath, you can turn your situation around.  Hallelujah! Be blessed indeed.


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