Are You Listening?

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When parents talk with their children they expect them to listen. When couples are engaged in conversation they expect the other to listen.  The reason we want people to listen is because we are sharing information.  When we don’t listen to the information being shared, problems occur.  This is something that has been a struggle for human beings from the beginning of time.  The theme of Psalm 95 is for people to continue to worship and be obedient to God.  In verse seven we are instructed to listen to God’s voice.  The writer reminded the people in verses eight through eleven that their ancestors were delayed in coming into the promise land for 40 years because they did not listen.  An entire generation had to die in the wilderness because they did not listen.  There is no difference for us today, if we are not listening to God, our blessings can be delayed or never manifest themselves.

Who are you listening too?   If you are not sure take a look at your life, and you will find the answer.   Do you take time daily to read your Bible and pray?    Do you attend Church and Bible study on a weekly basis and feel like you missed something when you don’t?   These are questions only you can answer because God is speaking to you but are you listening?