Love Is Knocking

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In March of 2020, we all shut our doors, because we were instructed to stay home due to the pandemic. The purpose for doing this was to restrict our movements and stop the spreading of Covid-19. We are approaching a year of keeping our doors shut and restricting our movements. We will talk to people on the phone, but we will not let them into our homes. With all these restrictions taking place, have we shut out Jesus? Some may take offense to me asking this question, but I believe it is absolutely necessary. Whether we know it or not, some people are blaming the Lord for allowing this to happen. Why didn’t God stop this before it reached this point?  By Him allowing this to happen, I had loved ones taken from me because of Covid-19. When this happened, some people dismissed Jesus from their hearts. How did they do this? They stopped praying, reading the Bible, and interacting with the saints. They have placed all the blame on the Lord. Others still watch service online, but their hearts are not into worshipping the Lord. They are going through the motions, but their hearts and minds are elsewhere. These are the two categories some people find themselves, because their lives have been impacted by the pandemic. They have allowed their hearts to be filled with all that is happening, so there is no room left for the Lord. 

This is what happened to the Christians in Laodicea; they were so caught up in their possessions, there was no room left in their hearts for the Lord. They lost their zeal for the Lord and were told you are lukewarm; not cold or hot. When we are not careful, things and situations can cause us to lose focus on the One who has brought us a mighty long way. When this happens, our hearts get crowded and the Lord is the One that gets pushed out. 

However, the Lord still wants to connect with us and we can see this in Revelation 3:20. The Lord wants us to listen as He knocks on the door and He calls out to us. He is doing this to let us know, He has not given up on us. He wants to have the opportunity to spend time with you, and let you know He will see you through. The door He is knocking at is your heart, and He wants to heal your pain. The only way healing will begin is when you willingly open your heart to Him. When you do, the bitterness will be removed, the anger will subside, the confusion will be replaced with peace and His love will comfort and strengthen you. Then you will realize Love has been knocking on the door of your heart. You have learned, His love will cover a multitude of sins. Continue to walk in your blessings!