I Am Complete

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My brothers and sisters understand we are still connected with one another. I know many of you can’t wait for the Church to reopen, so that we can worship together. I’m not sure when that day will be, but I believe it will happen within 2021. Until that day comes,  know the Lord is with us and He will never leave nor forsake us. Since the Lord is guiding us, we need to continue working for Him. Knowing our lives have not been changed to sit on the sideline and do nothing. Even during the pandemic we can still make an impact on the lives of people. 

We have to remind ourselves what Jesus said in John 15:1-11, He is the true vine, our Heavenly Father is the vine grower, and we are the branches. When Jesus shared this with the disciples, He was using this analogy to encourage them. He knew when they were not able to physically see Him, and were going through a rough time. The disciples needed to know they are not alone, and are still connected with Him. Since they are connected to Jesus, whatever they ask will be done for them; because, they continue to abide in the Word of the Lord and doing His will. In verse 11 Jesus says, “so that His joy may be in them, and their joy may be complete”. The purpose of receiving His joy is to allow us to become complete in all we have been called to do. Therefore, we are completely healed, and have been delivered from a life of sin. The disciples needed to hear it then, and we need to hear it now. 

We are dealing with a lot, but don’t allow despair to over take you. When we abide in Jesus nothing can take us away from Him. No matter the circumstances we have a joy in us that has come from Him to make us complete. Therefore, we can still say Hallelujah, and thank You Lord for continuing to bless us in the midst of all we are dealing with. We will continue to do what He has planned for us, because we are completely covered by His blood. Move forward in the anointing on your life, knowing the Lord has completed you with His joy. You have to continue to bear fruit, that will glorify Him. Continue to walk in your blessings!