I’m Staying in the Light

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We have to make the decision to live our lives in a manner that will continue to please the Lord. No matter what we are going through because we have been rescued from the power of darkness. There was a time in our lives when darkness had us, and we had no direction. We made several attempts to get our lives together and change our direction, but it never worked. Since we were in the darkness, there was no way to get our bearings straight. This was the reason why we were frustrated before accepting Jesus Christ, because we couldn’t find our way in the darkness. This pandemic is trying to draw us back into the darkness that we have been delivered from.

This is why we have to live by the words Paul said in Colossians 1:11-14. Paul shares these words to encourage us, to trust the Lord and abide in His will for our lives. The Lord wants to make us strong, and this is only possible when we make a conscious decision to do as He instructs us. These are not only words Paul wrote, they are foundational principles for his life. We are made strong through the Lord’s glorious power that will prepare us to endure everything with patience. Why?  Because the Lord has given us joy, not to waddle in despair, but to remind us that we have been set free. Through being freed by the Lord, we will not allow anything to enslave us, nor draw us back into the darkness.  While we are going through, we will continue to give thanks to the Lord because He will continue to make a way for us. The Light that we received overcomes the darkness, which allows us to see our way clear. We know through the Light we will have the victory, and that’s why we give thanks to the Lord. He rescued us from the power of darkness, so it’s left up to us not to look back, but press our way forward. We will not be hindered by our sins, because through our acceptance of Jesus Christ, we have been forgiven. Therefore, we are staying in the Light, because Jesus Christ made it possible! Continue to walk in your blessings.