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There is something that is unique about the people of God. We let it be known when the Lord has done great things in our lives. The first thing we do is pray.  By praying, we are communicating with the Lord and telling Him thank you. Then we live in a manner which shows our gratitude. Also, when the opportunity presents itself we will take some time to worship and praise the Lord for what He has done. When we come in contact with people, we will make it a point to let them know. The Lord is responsible for the great things that have happened. When we take this approach, it keeps us humble, and we will continue to make sure the Lord gets all the glory, honor, and praise. When you stop and look at your life and how far you have come, You realize the Lord is responsible for what has taken place. However, you did take an active role in the process, by trusting the Lord and moving forward in faith. There is no question the Lord wants the best for you, but you have to be in position to receive. The only way to be in the proper position is by putting your complete trust in the Lord. We do this by living as the Lord leads and guides you through faith. 

In 1 Chronicles 17:16-20, David is taking time to pray, and thank the Lord. In these verses, David is reflecting over all the Lord has done in his life. David recognized the only reason he is in his current position is through the blessings of the Lord. David was the youngest of Jesse’s eight sons and when Samuel came to anoint one to be king. David was not requested to be in attendance, because his father did not believe he would be the one. However, the Lord had a different plan, and David was the son to be anointed by Samuel. This is why David said to the Lord, “who am I, O Lord God”. In the sight of God, David was important and his life was given purpose. The same is true about you, others have overlooked you for certain things. Why, because in their sight they did not think this was something you could do. But, God knows best, and will have you doing things that were considered to be unattainable. David came to realize God’s view of him was not the same as people. This is why he said, “You regard me as someone of high rank, O Lord God!” David is in awe of God, because he saw him as someone that would accomplish great things. Therefore, I want you to stop selling yourself short. You are not defined by people, but by God! When you think about how the Lord has touched your life, you will also say what is in verse twenty, “there is no one like You, O Lord”. 

Starting right now you will not allow people to define you, because you have been redefined by God. Yes, you may have stumbled along the way causing them to draw some conclusions about you. However, the Lord would not allow the stumbles of your life to determine what you will become. You are somebody, now live as the Lord leads. Continue to walk in your blessings!