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We all know someone who constantly focuses on what’s wrong. It’s hard for them to see what is possible because their life experiences have shown them it won’t work. Therefore, they immediately make the assumption it can’t get any better, or that you don’t have what you need to make something work. It’s hard spending time with these types of individuals because they make you exert tremendous energy to stay positive. This is one of the reasons Jesus Christ came, to change our outlook on life. For some,  life has nothing to offer that would allow them to accomplish great things. However, Jesus came to offer us life abundantly, which means we can do what is considered impossible when we trust Him. So, it’s time for the people of God to see the opportunities that are right before their eyes. 

In Mark 8:14-21, the disciples were traveling on the boat with Jesus and realized they had forgotten to bring any bread. After checking they only had one loaf of bread, and they knew it would not be enough for everybody. Then Jesus said to them in verse 15, “watch out – beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and the yeast of Herod.” When He made this statement the disciples thought He was talking about them having no bread.” The issue was not the bread, but the outlook they were taking like the Pharisees and Herod. They were focusing on what they didn’t have and did not see the possibility of increasing what they had. The Pharisees and Herod were quick to point out what was wrong and would focus on the problem. But, they never offered a solution. This is why Jesus talked about the yeast associated with these individuals because their approach would narrow their thinking. When this happens they only see the problem, but never the solution. Jesus had to remind His disciples, how He twice provided for the masses that were in need. Also, there were leftovers they gathered, which was more than what they started with. Therefore, Jesus was letting them know, that as long as they keep Him present, they will have what they need. There is nothing we need to worry about when we put our trust in Jesus. The purpose of reminding the disciples was to let them know, that He is the solution. 

What has happened to cause you to focus on what is wrong, and think it can’t get any better? When you take this approach you will spend your energy worrying about what’s wrong. Jesus wants you to remember what He has done for you in the past, so you will look to Him now to resolve whatever it is. He wants to change your outlook, by letting you know you have help. Jesus is the solution. Continue to walk in your blessings.