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Have you ever talked with someone and they said to you, nobody has ever done anything for me? This statement is far from the truth. Some people have said this because they don’t understand what Jesus Christ has done. Many have refused to believe the possibility of One coming and dying for their sins. They can’t grasp the concept of Jesus Christ’s suffering and die for what they have done. Why would He even consider doing this? Your life is at stake and God sent His Son to present you with the opportunity to regain it. Why, because you are loved by God the Father and God the Son. The Father designed the plan, and the Son executed it to perfection. Now it’s up to you to embrace and accept what has been done. 

The best way to lead people to make any changes in their lives is to be an example of what it will look like. This is precisely what Jesus Christ came to do. When He selected His disciples, He led them by being the example of what our Heavenly Father will require. Knowing it will not be easy for you, but it is attainable. It’s achievable because God sees what you can become. 

In 1 Peter 2:24-25, Peter lays out what Jesus Christ has done for us. He bore our sins in His body and took them to the cross. Jesus made the decision to create change for all of us. In order for change to happen, He had to remove us from the bondage of sin. Sin had a stronghold on all of us, and we didn’t have the strength to get free. This is why He bore our sins on the cross to release us from the stronghold it had. Once we are free, then we can make the transition, and begin to live for righteousness. To live in this way, we have to make the decision to want to know what is expected of us. We can know what that is by looking at the life of Jesus Christ and following His example. Peter wants us to know this, we have all been wounded by the sins in our lives. However, once we accept Jesus Christ into our lives, through His wounds we have been healed. Yes, we have all gone astray, but Jesus Christ has given us the opportunity to return to the shepherd and guardian of our souls. 

This is to let you know God sees you for what you can become, and what you are. It’s now left up to you to remain bound and wounded by your sins. Or, you can choose to move away from a life of despair. I want you to know we serve a God who focuses on what you can become, and has given you the plan to do it! Continue to walk in your blessings.