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In Mark 4:35-41 a situation happened that caused the disciples to ask Jesus if He cared about them.  They were in this situation because Jesus wanted to cross to the other side. So, they got into the boat and started across the lake, then a great windstorm came up. This storm was causing waves to rise and water was coming into the boat. The disciples were losing control of the boat, the wind and waves were making it almost impossible for them to stay afloat. That’s when they decided to wake  Jesus, who was asleep in the back of the boat. After they woke Him up, they said to Him, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?”

 There is a lot we need to unravel in this question. First, I know they could not understand how He could remain asleep with all that was happening. All of this commotion should have woken Him up, and He should have resolved the problem without them having to ask for His help. Second, they are in this situation because they were following Jesus’s directive to cross the lake. Since He gave the directive, He should have made sure they would not have any problems. Once Jesus is up, He tells the wind to be at peace, and the waves to be still, and there was a dead calm. Nothing was moving, and I can imagine the look on their faces. 

Then Jesus deals with the disciples by asking two questions. Jesus wanted to know why were they afraid. He was present with them, and they knew He would help them. But, they came to Him as though He didn’t care about them because their situation was life-threatening. Them not being able to control the boat, caused them to lose control of their emotions. This is why they did not come asking for help but saying do You care about us. The reason they were with Jesus is because he cares, and He was going to use them to share with others how much the Lord loves them. This is why Jesus asked the second question, “have you still no faith?” The situation caused them to abandon their faith, and focus on the problem. By doing this they were not moving in faith. Saints, we will all be faced with situations, that can cause us to regress from our faith. These are the times we have to remind ourselves what the Lord has already done for us, and know He is able to do it again. Our faith has to come to the forefront, and not get pushed out the way. This is when we call on the Lord to let Him know we need His help, and He will make a way for us. Because Jesus cares.

We are still dealing with a storm called the pandemic, and it’s impacting all of our lives. And, it has caused some people to ask this question, “Lord, do you not care that we are perishing?” This is not the approach we are to take, because there is no question He cares about us. We need to present our concerns and leave them with Him. We have faith to believe, He will turn it around. Our emotions take over when problems get out of control, then everything comes into question. If this happens we allow our faith to get pushed back. This is when we lose control, because we are not anchored by our faith. Saints, we have to remember, we will have moments that seem big, but they are not bigger than the Lord. So, make sure to call on Him, because Jesus cares. Continue to walk in your blessings!