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In John 12:32, Jesus makes the following statement, “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” He made this statement to signify His death on the cross. The Romans would crucify individuals that committed crimes that were punishable by death. Whenever someone was crucified in this area, they were taken to the mount of skulls, which was up on a hill where all could see. The purpose of these public executions was to be a deterrent, to others not to commit these types of crimes. Jesus did not commit a crime that was punishable by death, but He was crucified based on lies from the Pharisees. This was hard for the followers of Jesus to see Him go through this because He did nothing to end up on the cross. This is true, but He did not go to the cross for Himself, but for us. Jesus took our sins to the cross to give us the opportunity to be set free. Therefore, He had to do this for all to see, He was there for them. He was crucified Friday and was resurrected early Sunday morning with all power in His hands. When the disciples went throughout the area to share the Gospel after His resurrection, the people remembered what He went through. The disciples were able to get the people to see this was the purpose of His crucifixion. This led to a number of them giving their lives to Jesus Christ. 

The challenge of sharing the Gospel would become more complex as time passed because what was being shared had to be explained in more detail. Why, because none of us saw Him being crucified. However, there is a portion of the above statement I want to point out, “will draw all people to myself”. Through His actions, no one is excluded, but all are included. He knew we would not be able to witness Him being crucified, so how is He able to draw people? This is made possible by how we are living. Christians are to be an example to the world on how to glorify the Lord through our lives. In essence, when we are doing this we are lifting up Jesus Christ, and allowing Him to draw all people to Himself. The purpose of drawing people is to bring change into their lives. Letting them know they matter to God. The sin that once dominated their lives has been removed, by Jesus Christ being crucified. So it’s time for all of God’s people to glorify the Lord through our lives and it will cause people to question how we are living. This is when we will have the opportunity to share what the Lord has done, and how He can do the same for them. Saints, it’s time for us to lift Him up. When we do everyone will be able to see the love Jesus has for them. Continue to walk in your blessings.