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In Mark 16:1-8, we have his account of what took place on Resurrection Sunday. It was early Sunday morning, and Mary Magdalene and two other ladies were heading to the tomb where Jesus was buried. They bought spices to anoint His body because they were not allowed to do so after He was crucified. As these ladies were heading to the tomb they were feeling empty, because they knew He did not deserve to be killed. During Jesus’ public ministry, He blessed a number of people and restored hope in the lives of many. These three ladies heading to the tomb all had encounters with Jesus, and their lives were changed. Jesus filled their lives with joy, hope, and peace, and they were no longer living an empty existence. This is why they were heading to the tomb because they wanted to do something to let Jesus know they appreciated what He did for them. Now that He is dead the joy, hope, and peace they were filled with have become nonexistent. However, they still were going to the tomb not knowing how they were going to roll away the stone covering the entrance. 

After assessing the obstacles they were faced with, they could have decided not to go to the tomb. They could not roll the heavy stone away, and emotionally they were feeling empty and hurt. They had to make the decision to fight through the obstacles and go to the tomb. Them making the decision to press their way forward and not allow the obstacles to stop them was going to be a blessing. Once they arrived at the tomb, the stone was rolled away, and Jesus was not there. However, the Lord had an angel waiting on their arrival to let them know He is risen. They would not have known this if they allowed the obstacles to stop them. Once they received this good news they were no longer empty but were filled with joy, hope, and peace. Once the Lord fills your life, the enemy will do all he can to make you empty. After receiving the good news they left and said nothing to anyone, but ran to tell the disciples. 

Prior to you accept Jesus Christ in your life, you were living an empty existence. You were always seeking things to make you feel good, but nothing would last. You can’t pour water into a broken pitcher and expect it to fill up. No matter how much you pour in, it will leak out because it is broken. This was you, because sin had broken your life, and there was nothing that was poured into you that was able to sustain you. Why, because your brokenness would cause everything to leak out of your life. This is why Jesus went through the pain and suffering so that you can be healed. When He was resurrected all power was placed in His hands, and you were given the opportunity to be healed. Therefore, the tomb was empty, so you can be full. He took your broken life and made you new so that you could be full. You are a vessel that is full of everything you need to move forward, now live a victorious life in Jesus Christ! Continue to walk in your blessings.