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 There are a number of reasons why people praise the Lord. Some praise Him based on what He has done for them. While some will praise the Lord for what they have seen Him do in the lives of others. There are some waiting on a blessing from the Lord and will praise Him for what He is going to do. Then there are those people that praise the Lord because He is worthy of our praise. The one thing we ought to be when praising the Lord is intentional. Our praise is not predicated on someone telling us what we need to do. Intentional praise is knowing why you are doing it, and realizing through our praise we are thanking the Lord. Praise is one of the ways we are able to tell the Lord thank you because if He had not blessed us, we would not be alive. 

In John 12:12-19, we see Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The people are there to see Him because they heard He raised Lazarus from the dead. As Jesus approaches the city, some took branches of palm trees and went out to meet Him. They all wanted to get a glimpse of the One that performed this miracle, and they began to praise Him. The people were shouting hosanna, which means save now. They had been looking for the Messiah, and some believed He must be the One, based on what He did for Lazarus. As Jesus entered the city many were excited and praised the Lord. However, the Pharisees were feeling just the opposite, and they viewed Jesus as being a threat to their positions of leadership. Jesus knew as He entered the city, that opposition was waiting and wanted to kill Him. This did not stop Him from entering the city, because He was bringing change. The change He was bringing will heal and deliver all that would embrace Him. 

The way Jesus entered Jerusalem is the same way, He wants to enter your heart. He knows all about the pain and suffering you had to endure. When you let Him in, deliverance and healing will begin and you will realize the awesomeness of the Lord. Why, because He has changed your life, and you will never be the same. Then you will begin to praise Him for turning your life around because He has restored your hope. You now have a testimony to tell about what the Lord has done for you. Don’t even think about trying to keep it to yourself. When you share with others what the Lord has done for you, in essence, you are telling the Lord thank You, for changing me! Continue to walk in your blessings.