I Still Believe!

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The Covid-19 Virus  is real and has impacted many families throughout the world. We didn’t take it seriously until all non-essential businesses were instructed to shut down. This virus has run rapid throughout our country and all of us know somebody that has been infected by it. With all that has happened do you still believe God is on the throne? If your answer is yes, then you must do as instructed in Psalm 150. The Psalm instructs us to praise the Lord! We are to praise the Lord in His sanctuary. In the Old Testament the sanctuary was a physical building, where the Jews congregated to worship.

You are a New Testament believer, and your body is a holy temple. The Holy Spirit dwells in you, and you will use this temple to praise the Lord. You praise the Lord for His mighty deeds! When you think about all the Lord has done, you can’t help but praise Him. Then you praise the Lord for His surpassing greatness! Through your personal relationship with the Lord, you know the great things He has done for you! In verses 3, 4, and 5 the writer includes the instruments of that time they would use to praise the Lord. Then in verse 6, the writer does not want anybody to be left out, that’s why he says, “let everything that breathes praise the Lord.” The reason why you are able to praise the Lord is because you still believe! 

This is Palm Sunday, and those in Jerusalem took branches and waved them as Jesus rode past them on the donkey. They did not fully understand the significance of their actions, but they believed and praised the Lord. Due to the Covid-19 Virus, we are not physically able to congregate. However, if we make it our business to praise the Lord together from our various homes, we are letting the Lord know, we still believe. Hallelujah, continue to walk in your blessings.