I’m Still Investing In You!

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In Jeremiah 29:4-11 God was sharing with the Israelites that were in exile to keep living, because this too shall pass. God was letting them know you are not forgotten. The message was sent by God to encourage them. Because He did not want them to focus on the obstacles, but on the opportunities. The obstacles were being in exile in a foreign land, unable to move about freely, and under the rule of the Babylonians. Their current situation was enough for them to blame God. However, God was not the cause, they drifted outside the will of God. When this happened they removed themselves from His ark of safety, and allowed sin to dominate their lives. The opportunity is to not allow the mistakes of yesterday to dominate our today. They were instructed to live, by building houses, plant gardens, take wives, and have families. Its amazing God is telling them to move forward, because He is still investing in them. We are able to see this in verse 11, because He was letting them know, I still have plans for you. 

What is it you have done that you think God has given up on you? I’m here to tell you God is still investing in you. I want you to know Jesus came to open the gateway for us to get to God. The only thing that will keep you out is you. If you are saved and you sinned read 1John 1:9 and do as instructed. If you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ read Romans 10:9-10 and do as instructed, and get connected with a Church that is Christ centered. Why, because God is still investing in you. Be blessed!