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One of the mistakes we can make as the people of God is to focus too much attention on the messenger. God will always make sure His people will receive His Word. His Word will always give us what we need when we need it. There are times we find ourselves having a pity party, and He will send an encouraging word. There are times we find ourselves at a crossroads not sure which way to go, and God will send us a word of direction. When we have a loved one that has been called home to glory, He will send us a word of comfort. These are just a few examples of how God helps us on this journey of life. In each situation, there will be a messenger sent by God to deliver these Words on His behalf. We are all thankful for the messengers because they have answered the calling in their lives. The messengers understand they are not the author of these words and are sharing with others what they have received. Therefore, the messenger does not want us to worship them but worship God the world’s creator. 

In Revelation 19:9-10, John is instructed to write down the words that he receives from the angel of God. After hearing these Words, John falls down and begins to worship the angel. The angel immediately stopped him, telling John I am a servant just like you, and we all have the testimony of Jesus. Then the angel made him aware, that the only one to be worshipped is God! The angel would not allow John to misplace his worship, because all blessings come from God. Also, the angel would not let himself take credit for what God has done. This started me to think about us, have we misplaced our worship? Are we focusing our worship on God, or are we mistakenly worshiping the messenger? Based on where we place our worship will determine whether we receive many blessings. When praises go up to God, we can expect blessings to come down from Him. However, if our worship is displaced, it was not directed to God. When this happens there are no blessings coming down. John came to realize his worship was misplaced, and he wanted to share this with all who would read this book. John is saying, I understand who I am to worship at all times, and I will not misplace my worship.

I don’t know about you, but I want to receive as many blessings as possible. Therefore, the only One I will worship is God, because He has everything I need for this journey of life. Now, that I understand, I can’t keep it to myself. Continue to walk in your blessings!