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The greatest tragedy of life is living not understanding what you are capable of accomplishing. There are people we all know that appeared to be on their way to accomplishing great things, but they didn’t. What we saw in them, they did not see in themselves. There were a few fishermen that thought they had reached their plateau in life because they had a fishing business. However, when they met Jesus, He asked them to follow Him and they did. Making this decision put them on a path to doing great things, and they were able to recognize their potential and ability. These fishermen, were Peter, James, and John, and they were Jesus’ inner circle of the twelve disciples He chose. By spending time with Jesus these men would accomplish things in their lives to glorify the Lord. Peter wrote two epistles, and John wrote the Gospel of John, first, second, and third John, and the book of Revelation. These men transitioned from catching fish, to become fishers of men. To let them know they are capable of doing great things for the Lord. 

In 1 John 5:3-5, John lets us know we have the ability to conquer the world. Prior to Jesus Christ coming, many people felt they were incapable of doing great things. This is why John outlined for us the keys we need to conquer the world. First, we have to know we are loved by God. When we know we’re loved, then we will listen to the instructions of God. Why, because we know He will guide us in the direction that will get the best out of us. When He gets the best out of us, we glorify Him through our lives. This will only happen when we are willing to obey, and we can’t obey until we are willing to listen. Through listening and obeying the Word of God, we come to the realization we have to transition from sinner to saint. This transition happens when we are born of God. How, does this happen? When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are born of God. We can only make this transition when we step out on faith. When we activate our faith God is pleased. When we move by faith we are not caught up in what we see, but in what we know from the Word of God. What we see will make us think we will not be able to win, but since we move by faith we believe, that “things which are impossible with man are possible with God.” 

When we live our lives with these keys, there is nothing that can stop us from doing the impossible. This is how we are able to conquer the world. We have to remember the world was created by God, and there is nothing in the creation that is bigger than the Creator. We have to move forward in faith, knowing we are loved, and we will obey His instructions because we have been born of God. Through Jesus being resurrected from the dead, He has given us victory over everything in the world. Do you have the keys, if so you can conquer the world? Continue to walk in your blessings!