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When we talk about love, the conversation can go in many directions because people view this word differently. Some people rarely use the word love and allow their actions to show how they feel. Where others will use it frequently, causing some to think they are watering down the meaning of the word. We can go on talking about the word love. There is a question I want to ask, do you love the Lord? This is a straightforward question, and some will give an elaborate answer that is confusing. Where others will say look at my life and you will find the answer. I want you to know there are benefits in truly loving the Lord. The love you have for the Lord should be displayed in how you live your life, and then supported by your words.

In Psalm 91:14-16, the first thing the psalmist says in verse 14, “those who love Me, I will deliver.” The psalmist is identifying what the Lord will do for those that love Him. There is no question the Lord knows those that love Him, because He looks at your heart. He sees you have been covered in the blood of Jesus Christ. The point the writer wants to make is the need for you to have a relationship with the Lord. The foundation of this relationship is knowing you are loved by the Lord, and this moves you to love Him. Since you have this relationship, no matter what you are going through the Lord will deliver. He will not only deliver but will also protect you because you know His name. In verse 15, when you call to Him, He will answer. This gives you the assurance that you will not be alone in times of trouble, and you will be rescued and honored by the Lord. Also, you will receive long life and salvation from the Lord. All of these are benefits because you have a relationship with the Lord, built on a foundation of love. Knowing what the Lord will do, gives you peace. 

I know there have been some struggles, but you are not alone. You have to make sure you call on the Lord and He will be there for you during your times of trouble. Why, because the foundation has been established and now you are building a great love relationship with the Lord, that will last through all eternity. This allows you to have confidence because you know what the Lord will do. Continue to walk in your blessings!