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Job was a man that went through trials and tribulations because the enemy thought he could break him. After the death of his children and losing all his possessions, the enemy thought this would cause Job to turn away from the Lord. However, Job did the opposite and made the following statement: “the Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” Then the enemy attacked his body, but Job would not sin against the Lord. Job was a man of integrity and realized he was alive because the Lord was blessing him. Saints, we are being attacked by the enemy in many areas in our lives. We have seen the economy impacted by the pandemic, which in turn has caused our investments to lose money. We had loved ones go to glory during this pandemic, and some were infected by COVID19. Through it all we are still here, therefore, we need to worship and praise the Lord. 

In Job 23:8-12, we learn the purpose of why Job was able to maintain his integrity, and not turn from following the Lord. In verses eight and nine, Job describes no matter what direction he goes in, he can’t perceive the presence of the Lord. I find it interesting that Job speaks in these terms because he is being transparent in how he’s feeling. With all he’s going through, the one thing he desires is to feel the presence of the Lord. However, this does not sway him from doing the right thing in his life. This makes me think about us when we are going through our trials and tribulations, how do we respond? Are we craving to feel the presence of the Lord, but it appears He’s nowhere to be found? Job sees this as a character-building exercise, and will not step outside the will of the Lord. We see the answer in verse ten when he states, “I shall come out like gold.” Job believes what he is going through will strengthen his character, and allow him to grow in his understanding of the will of the Lord. With all the negativity he’s facing, it would be easy for him to quit, and step outside the will of the Lord. Job recognizes what he’s going through is making him better, and that’s the reason he made the statement, “come out like gold.”

That’s why we read in verse eleven, how he mentioned, “my foot has held fast to his steps.” Job’s desire was to stay in the path of the Lord, and not allow anything to cause him to turn aside. This man wanted to make sure he was living his life to please the Lord at all costs. The reason he was able to do this is found in verse twelve; he says “I have not departed from the commandments of his lips.” In essence, he remembered and applied the Lord’s commandments to his life, which allows him not to turn aside. 

Saints, we have to do as Job:  remember and apply the Lord’s Word to our lives. The Lord did not tell us it would be easy, but He will be with us every step of the way. This is happening to make us better. Continue to walk in your blessings!