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How do you respond to a situation you are unable to change? Do you sit and worry about it, or do you take it to the Lord?  You have to remember, that there will be situations you are confronted with that will require the Lord’s help. However, it’s left up to you to bring it to Him. This is what happens to the people of Judah. Three nations were coming together to attack them, and once King Jehoshaphat heard what was going on, he responded by gathering all the people of Judah together in the temple to fast and pray. The king told the Lord we are powerless against this great multitude because our army is no match. They brought this to the Lord because they needed His help. Without the Lord, they were unable to defeat the enemy, so they realized the outcome could only be changed by the Lord.   The people of Judah seeking the Lord’s help was not a sign of weakness. As the people of God, they knew the only reason they were still a nation was through the power of the Lord. The reason we are still here today is because of the power of the Lord. Yes, you need the Lord’s help to make it in life, so stop worrying and start praying to ask for His help. 

As the people were assembled together in 2 Chronicles 20:13-26, something took place to change the atmosphere in the room. The Spirit of the Lord came upon Jahaziel a Levite, and he began to speak. The Lord spoke through him and said, “do not fear or be dismayed at this great multitude; for the battle is not yours but God’s.” After this statement and instructions they were to follow were shared with the king and the people, the atmosphere changed from concern to praise and worship. Why, because the Lord heard and answered their prayer, therefore this was a time for celebration. They had to respond with praise and worship because to say thank you was not going to be sufficient. After being told this, they had to go and be in a position to see precisely what the Lord was going to do.  This meant they had to step out on faith and once they were in the position they were to be still. Why, because they were not going to lift a finger against the great multitude, that had planned to destroy them. When they were in the position they saw how the Lord had defeated the enemy, and they were collecting livestock, goods, and precious things. There was so much to collect, that it took them three days to gather all of it. This happened because the king and the people made a decision to start praying.

Are you now ready to ask the Lord for help? Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but of strength. Because the Lord is able to overpower anything that comes against you, all He is doing is waiting on you to take the time and pray to ask for His help. Once you do, the Lord will tell you where to go, how to position yourself, and be still. Then you will see the Lord defeat what was trying to destroy you. It’s time to start praying! Continue to walk in your blessings.