God Has Defined Me!

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How did you see yourself before you were a Christian? What plans did you have before
becoming a Christian? Now that you are a Christian are you doing what you expected?
How did you define yourself prior to becoming a Christian? How did you define yourself,
was it based on how others viewed you or was it what you truly thought of yourself? We
were all just existing prior to God defining us. However, we didn’t start living until God
changed us. We all have a story to tell about how God did a new thing with us. Then I
think about Mary, a teenager who lived in Nazareth. How did she see herself prior to
God sending Angel Gabriel? God sent Gabriel to let her know there is a change in plans
for her life. Whatever her plans were God changed them, and her life would never
be the same.

In Luke 1:26-38, we read about how God stepped into Mary’s life. Whatever her plans
were, and how she defined herself have all been dismissed. God was having her to go
into a new direction, with a new plan, and redefined her. Therefore, it does not
matter what she or others thought about her, God changed it all. It all began in how
Gabriel greeted her, “Greetings, favored one! The Lord is with you.” She had never been
greeted before by anyone calling her, “favored one”. Then being told, “the Lord is with
you.”, was something that probably amazed her. These two statements were to make
Mary aware that there was a calling on her life, and the Lord would be with her. In essence, the
Lord was letting her know. He has removed whatever limits she thought existed. Saints,
the same is true about us. We all had placed some limits on what we thought we could
accomplish. Then the Lord steps into our lives, and we realize He has removed what we
perceived as limits.

After Mary heard all that Angel Gabriel said to her, she couldn’t understand how this was
going to be possible. How was she going to carry the Christ child, without being with
a man? This was a valid question because in her mind, this was a limitation that could
not be overcome. This is how the Lord shows Mary, nothing is impossible with God. The
Lord was now going to make it happen, Mary was going to experience His unlimited
power. Then Mary embraced the will of the Lord, and He made it all come to pass.
Saints, this is the reason why Jesus Christ came, to remove the limits we have created.
Jesus wanted to show us that when we embrace the will of the Lord, everything will change
in our lives for the better. Then we will come to know, God has defined us! Continue to
walk in your blessings.