He Won’t Let You Fall!

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Life sometimes will hit us with things that we don’t expect, and we feel like we have been pushed into a corner. Then we are faced with making a decision. We have two choices:  one will keep us in the corner, the other will allow us to get out the corner but there will be consequences. Those consequences will raise questions about the character of the people we have separated from. We are not sure which choice to make, because the wrong one can cause us to fall. In Matthew 1:18-25, Joseph had a similar situation.  

His fiancé told him that she was pregnant and it was the work of the Holy Spirit. Joseph was floored when Mary told him she was with child. This man has been pushed into a corner,  he had not expected this.   Now he has to decide, where does he go from here? Does he believe what Mary has told him, or does he think she is lying?  Neither decision would be easy, because he loves Mary. We know he loved her based on how he dealt with the situation.  This is challenging for him to believe because there has never been a situation where this happened before. In his heart, he may have thought she was being truthful. However, in his mind, this was not a logical choice so he was planning to divorce her quietly. 

While Joseph was asleep an angel of the Lord came to him in a dream. The angel came to enlighten Joseph and shared some very important information. The purpose for sharing this was to help him make the right decision, that will keep him from falling. We have to know Joseph was also called by God, and his responsibility was to take care of his wife and the child. Once Joseph woke up, he fully understood what he was called to do. He was also thankful to God, for not letting him make the wrong decision which would have caused him to fall.

When you are called by God to do His will, He will guide you through. There will be times it feels like you have been pushed into a corner, and you need to make the decision to get out. That’s not always true, because there are times the Lord wants you to stay in the corner. For you to see the power of the Lord working everything out for His good. Remember, He won’t let you fall! Continue to walk in your blessings.