You Don’t Know

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This is a term I have said many times at Broad Rock Baptist Church: God is good, all
the time, and all the time, God is good. However, I don’t recall saying it since we have
been in the pandemic. For about a year and a half we have not been able to congregate
in the Church, so doing a call and response would not make sense. The real question is
how do we view God during this pandemic? The statement above is a call and
response, I would say God is good, and the response is all the time. Then I would say,
all the time, and the response is, God is good. The purpose of doing this call and
response was to invite people to think about how good God is. Yes, some may be in a
storm, but to come out they have to know God will do it. Why, because He is good,
therefore, God will bring us out of the storm. When He does we will not keep it to
ourselves, but let others know our God is good! The storm we are now in has been
lingering for almost two years, and if we are not careful it will try to wear us down. If it
can do this, some will not be able to say God is good. If this happens then they will not
be willing to do what the psalmist is asking in Psalm 92:1.

This verse begins with the following words, “It is good”. For those that can’t see the Lord
is good, seeing these words immediately causes them to shut down and stop reading.
My challenge to you is to look at your life, and you will see how good the Lord has been.
There have been times you thought you couldn’t make it, but the Lord brought you
through. Everything you have been through in your life has prepared you for what is
going on right now. The Lord did not forget about you then, so how could you think He
has changed. The Lord has been good to you, therefore, it’s time for you to do the same
to others. One of the foundations that allow us to praise the Lord is knowing, “it is

The next part of this verse tells us, “to give thanks”. One of the biggest problems in our
world is we have a number of people that are takers and not givers. As Christians, we
have received blessings in such abundance, we need to be givers in abundance of our
time, talents, and treasures. By our willingness to give, allows us to be able to
appreciate all the Lord has done, is doing, and will continue to do. This is why for us, “to
give thanks” is not an issue. It’s all a part of our worship and praise.
The last part of this verse says, “to the Lord”. We are so excited about how good the
Lord has been to us. That we have to give thanks, because He is the reason we are still
here. The Lord is the giver of life and continues to show us grace and mercy. Since we
know this is true, praising and worshiping Him is our intentional response. We will not
apologize for our loudness, or our excitement, because you don’t know what He has
done for me. Continue to walk in your blessings!