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As a child of God, you have the responsibility to share the Gospel. Why, because you don’t want people to continue to live a hopeless life. By sharing the Gospel you want them to place their trust in Jesus Christ. If they accept Him, they will be able to make the changes in their lives, that will give them a different view of life. Without Jesus they are unable to see the possibilities of what their lives can become. Through Him, they realize they can overcome any obstacle they are confronted with, and this is how they are able to move forward living a victorious life. Also, the feeling of hopelessness is replaced with their faith in Jesus Christ. When you move forward sharing the Gospel, the enemy will always have someone around trying to nullify what was shared. Then they will attempt to knock you down. If they are successful in doing this they expect you to stay down. The reason for the attack was to silence you and make you think you can’t get back up again. 

In Acts 14:19-20, we read about how the Jews came from two cities for the sole purpose of blocking the blessings of the Gospel. They were able to turn the people away from Paul and Barnabas and this motivated them to stone Paul. After they stoned him, he was dragged outside the city because they thought he was dead. Then we are told how the disciples surrounded Paul and he eventually got up. The key here is that they surrounded Paul not only physically, but also spiritually. They were able to see his condition and immediately began to pray. They knew the only way Paul was going to make it was through would be  the power of the Lord. They knew as they surrounded him, they had to be in agreement and believe the Lord was in the midst. Why, because where two or more are gathered in the name of Jesus, He is present. I can imagine Paul laying there and hearing the disciples praying for him. After they prayed, I can hear one of them saying to Paul you have been knocked down, but in the name of Jesus Christ get up. 

What has knocked you down and has left you for dead? I want you to know the enemy was trying to kill you, but the Lord did not allow that to happen. You still have work to do, therefore, it’s time for you to get up in the name of Jesus Christ. He has given you the victory, but the enemy wants you to think you have been defeated. You are still here and by getting up you are breaking the silence. The enemy thought once he knocked you down, this is where you would stay and be silent. I’m praying for your victory along with other disciples of Jesus Christ, so I’ll say it again, get up! Continue to walk in your blessings.