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When looking at your current situation, have you ever looked at yourself and thought I
can do better? When you did this, you started assessing what was happening in your
life, and nothing appeared to be working for your good. This was your motivation
because you were tired of being frustrated with your life. However, you were not sure
how to make the needed changes and you didn’t know who you should talk to. That’s
when the Lord had your path cross with a Christian, and this person gave you the
answer. Once you turned your life over to Jesus Christ, things began to unfold in your
life. These were all things you thought were not possible but once you gave your life to
Jesus, things changed. You came to realize the Lord is awesome. Initially, you struggled
with coming to grips with how your life has changed. Then the Lord said, “you are
In 2 Timothy 2:20-26, Paul is sharing with Timothy that he is a special utensil for the
Lord. Why, because he made the decision to live his life for Jesus Christ. Paul used the
analogy of utensils by stating some were for special use and others for ordinary. There
was a time every one of us was ordinary and did not see the possibility of ever doing
better. Making the decision to accept Jesus Christ, and allowing Him to guide
your life is when you became special. Being special didn’t just happen, you made the
decision to change, and being special is the result. Therefore, Timothy is now in a place
where the Lord can use him to do good work. You can only do good work once you
are special. In essence, you are in a position where the Lord can maximize the abilities
he has blessed you with. This is not something you deserved, but through the grace
and mercy of the Lord, it has been made possible. Timothy had to move forward in faith,
love, and peace. In making these things essential in his life, he was making his heart
pure. This is necessary because he can only call on the Lord with a pure heart. 
Paul wanted Timothy to know, that there was a lot of work to be done. In order for him to be
successful, he must remember the Lord has blessed him and made him special.
Saints, the same is true for us today. Do you know that you are special because you
made the decision to accept Jesus Christ into your life? This is what moved you from
ordinary to special. Now that you are in this position, it’s time for you to move forward
doing good work for the Lord. There are so many people around you that want to do
better but need someone to show them how. You are that special utensil the Lord will
work through to help others, so they can come to the point of knowing they are special.
Continue to walk in your blessings!