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One of the most frustrating things someone can do to us is get in our way.  Image being at the movies and during a pivotal scene,  the person in front of you stands up blocking your view.  You are on your way to work and running late and there is a police officer in your way saying you have to turn. The road is closed because of an accident. These things that have been mentioned are out of our control. You did not encourage the person to stand up. You were not the cause of the accident that closed the road. However, when these things happen, we get upset because it was not what we wanted to happen.  What about the things we can control? Are we blocking our blessings because we don’t have the faith to embrace what we are being told?


In Luke 24:1-12 we have the story of Jesus being resurrected. Mary Magdalene and the other women arrived at the tomb where Jesus was buried, and the stone was rolled away and the tomb was empty. The women were perplexed but two angels spoke to them, reminding them what Jesus had told them. They were excited and ran back to tell the disciples. Once they heard what the women told them, they refused to believe them.  In essence they would not get out of their own way.  They saw Jesus crucified, they saw his lifeless body, and they saw him being placed in the tomb.  This was a devastating time for the disciples, because what took place was out of their control.  Now these women come telling them, He is risen!  With all they had seen, they could not get out of their own way. However, Peter got out of his own way, went to the tomb and saw that it was empty.  He left the tomb amazed and I believe his faith was increased. Why?  Because he had to get out the way.

I know when negative things begin to pile up in your life, its hard to move forward.  These are the times you have to get out the way and step out on faith. The Lord loves you more than you will ever understand. These are the times you really need to get out the way and allow the Lord to step into your life. Why?  Because He is risen and wants to raise you above all that is going on around you. You can move forward by getting out the way!20079_On_the_Third_Day