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I have a question to ask, why do we pray? Is it because we know it’s important for Christians to have a prayer life?  Do we pray to release how we are feeling, but we don’t expect much to come from it?   Saints, prayer is our way of communicating with the Lord, and we expect things to happen. Not as we want, but to allow the will of the Lord to take over the situation. When this happens, things will work together for our good. Also, we need to know when we are praying, we are spending quality time with the Lord. Our God expects His people to stay connected with Him. Also when we are praying in a public setting, we are not praying to impress anybody. Those around us are getting an opportunity to understand how important the Lord is to us. Jesus wanted His disciples to understand the importance of prayer.  When we are praying privately, our hearts are pouring out to Him to get His guidance. 

In Matthew 6:9-13, Jesus is showing His disciples the framework of how they are to pray. In verse nine, Jesus lets them know the first thing that happens is we must give reverence to our Heavenly Father. This is important because our Father is blessing us each and everyday. Therefore, we want Him to know how much we appreciate all He is doing in our lives. In verse ten, we are asking for God’s kingdom to be here on earth, and for His will to be done here as well. Things on earth will not improve without the hand of God changing them. This is the reason we are not what we used to be, because the Hand of God has changed us. Why, because we turned our lives over to Jesus Christ, once this happens we have been changed. In verses eleven and twelve, we are asking God to supply us with our daily essentials for this day. However, before we receive what we need we are asking God to forgive us of our debts, and we’ll forgive our debtors. In essence we are asking God to clean us before giving us what we need for the day. Also, we will wipe clean the anger and hostility we have toward others. In verse thirteen, we are asking God to rescue us from the evil one, that will attempt to place us in compromising situations. The God we serve will not place us in situations that will break us down, but build us up. 

We have outlined the prayer Jesus presented to His disciples. The purpose of this prayer is for us to stay connected with the Father, and invite Him into our presence. And allow His kingdom to be on earth, so that His will can be done here as it is in heaven. Our Father will not force Himself upon us, but He wants us to willingly invite Him into our lives. So that His kingdom in heaven will be here with us. Now, will we invite Him in? Continue to walk in your blessings!