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We have all been frustrated by our fathers because they were stern and uncompromising. We thought they were being unreasonable in their decisions, and if we were given an opportunity to speak they would listen. But when we were done talking, they still didn’t change their decision. As we got older,  we would think about the decisions our fathers made and realize they were looking out for us. We couldn’t see it at the time, because we were caught up in what we wanted. However, we have come to the conclusion Father knows best. This made me think about Jesus Christ and the situation he was in where He wanted His Father to reconsider His decision. 

In Matthew 26:36-46,  Jesus is in Gethsemane with three of His disciples. He was grieved and agitated. Jesus knew what He was about to go through, and the flesh was struggling with having to go through pain and suffering. Jesus goes off to be by Himself and prays to His Father. The purpose of His initial prayer was to ask His Father if it was possible to have this cup pass from Him. Jesus wanted to know from His Father if there was another option to be considered. Jesus was about to be the paschal lamb for the entire world, giving everyone an opportunity to be saved. After praying He returned to the three disciples and they were sleeping. This frustrated Jesus because they could not stay awake and pray. Then He realizes what His Father was asking Him to do could not be done by anyone else. Nobody but Jesus would be able to wake up the world and allow us to see we don’t have to remain stuck in our sins. That’s why, when Jesus went a second time to pray, He said, “If I have to drink this cup, let thy will be done.” Jesus knew His Father knows best. 

When you think about your father today, remember how he instructed you on what to do. You thought he was being unreasonable, but he knew what was best for you. Look at how your life turned out because father knows best. Continue to walk in your blessings!