We Will Rise

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One of the hardest things for us to do sometimes is wait. What makes it hard? We want whatever we are waiting for to come now. This is where we are right now, waiting for a vaccine to be produced to resolve the Covid-19 virus. Our country has been crippled by this virus, and its beginning to spike in a number of states. If this wasn’t bad enough, we had a police officer kill a black man in the presence of several bystanders, and it was recorded. This has created an outrage throughout our country and the world. There are protests happening in our country, and throughout the world. To add more negativity to what is going on, the President is not doing anything to unite the country.

With all that is happening, we have to apply Isaiah 40:28-31 to our lives and wait on the Lord. The waiting we are doing does not mean we have to stop protesting, or stop speaking about the injustice that is taking place. We can still take action on these things. However, we will have to wait on the Lord to do that which only He can do, provide the vaccine, and change the hearts of people. Only the Lord can bind up the enemy, and make the necessary shifts in our country. When the Lord makes these changes we will be renewed in our commitment to serve Him, and this is the Lord’s way of letting us know our service to Him is not in vain. Then we will rise to do things we thought were not possible, we will rise to let all we come in contact with know there’s a healer, and ┬ádeliverer in the land. We will rise to restore hope to the hopeless, we will rise to let people know they have not been forgotten. We will rise to allow a darkened world to see the Light, the light that will draw them into establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ. We will be able to rise, because we were willing to wait for the Lord. Therefore, keep waiting, the time will come when we will rise! Continue to walk in your blessings.