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We all have a place we keep things that are important to us. Some people have a
lockbox at a bank to keep all important papers. Others have a safe at home, while
others will buy a fireproof cabinet to store important papers. When it comes to the Word
of God where is it stored? In order for us to make it on this journey of life, we have to
realize we can’t make it on our own. We need guidance from the Lord, which means we
have to store His words. It’s not enough to be a hearer of the Word, we have to be able
to recall the Word when we need it. Therefore, we have to keep these Words in a safe
place. This is exactly what Moses wanted the Israelites to do once they heard the Word
of God.
In Deuteronomy 6:4-6, Moses gave the Israelites instructions on how they were going to
be successful once they entered the promised land. When Moses stated in verse 4,
“Hear, O Israel”, he wants their undivided attention. This means he wants them to
listen intently to what he is about to say. Then he makes the following statement, “The
Lord is our God, the Lord alone.” Moses wants the Israelites not to forget, who is
blessing them. They were freed from Egypt, and are about to enter the promised land. In
verse 5, Moses is telling the Israelites to love the Lord God with all their heart, soul, and
might. He is letting them know they are to respond to the Lord God with Love because
everything He did was done through love. Therefore, they are to live their lives with
God’s love is at the center of all they do. In verse 6, Moses is telling the people to store
these Words in their hearts for safekeeping. Why, because there will come a time when
their beliefs will be challenged, and they will only be successful by recalling God’s Word
that’s in their hearts. 
Have you placed the Word of God in your heart for safekeeping? When you do, it
allows you to maintain a relationship with the Lord that will prosper and be fruitful. This
is why you have to give the Lord your undivided attention and listen intently. This will
allow you to store His words in your heart for safekeeping. Continue to walk in your