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When we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, it was a time of excitement for us all. As we began our journey with the Lord, we had to endure a number of situations and circumstances.  Some people as they came through become bitter because it was hard to endure and it did not seem fair. It placed them at a crossroads in their lives and they had to make a decision on whether to continue with the Lord. Some made the decision to step away from the Lord because of the bitterness they were experiencing. We have to remember the Lord never said it would be easy, but He would be with us always. Paul is someone that made a decision to see everything he went through as part of his growth process. Knowing that everything he was able to accomplish was through the blessings of the Lord. Also by doing this,  it caused some people to attack him because they did not agree with him. When this happened, it didn’t make him bitter but better. Why, because he knew the Lord was working through him and was growing him at the same time.

In Romans 5:1-5, Paul is sharing with the Romans about their relationship with the Lord and how they will be made better. Initially, Paul points out in verse one how we will have peace with God through Jesus Christ. This is made possible because we are justified by faith. In essence, we are made right with God by our faith, and this is the foundation upon which we grow. Then Paul shared with the Romans that through our faith, we obtain access to grace on which we stand. The purpose of grace is to move us forward sharing the glory of God. We want others to experience the life-changing power of the God we serve. However, this comes with a cost, there will be times people are at odds with us. They will do whatever they can to cause you to suffer. But they don’t realize they are helping you to grow, because you are gaining endurance. Through your being able to endure, you are growing in character. Which allows you not to focus on the negative, which will make you bitter. But draw your attention to the Lord, because He’s making you effective in ministry when faced with adversity. Your growth in character allows you to have hope in the midst of the storm, believing things are going to get better. You will not be disappointed through your hope, because God’s love is being poured into your heart causing you to continue to grow through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

I know it has not been easy and you feel like giving up. I want you to change your view by asking the Lord to allow you to see the situation through His eyes. Then you will see things are getting better and the Lord will not allow what you are going through to break you. These things are in place to help you grow! Continue to walk in your blessings.