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There is a concept the Lord wants us to understand, we all must be willing to pay it forward. We are blessed to assist and empower others to know, grow, and then go. In Matthew 18:22-35, we have a parable Jesus told about a slave that owed a substantial amount of money to the king. He was unable to pay, so the king was going to sell him, his wife, children, and all his possessions to pay his debt. The slave kneeled before the king asking for more time, the king had pity on him and released him of his debt. Once the slave left the king, he saw a fellow slave that owed him a few dollars, he grabbed him by the throats saying “pay me my money”. The fellow slave asked for more time, but he did not have pity on him, and threw him into prison until he could pay his debt. All the other slaves were upset with what happened, and told the king. The king had the slave brought back who’s debt was cleared and threw him into prison, because he did not pay it forward.

This parable is letting us know how much our Heavenly Father had done for us, so that we will do for others. Why, because He loves us just the way we are. The last three words of verse 35 are “from your heart”. Everything our Heavenly Father does for us is from His heart. Therefore, we are only able to pay it forward once we have a change of heart. Think about this, the slave was forgiven from the heart of the king. You would think since his debt was substantial, and he could have lost his family, he would have a change of heart. Just the opposite occurred once he saw someone that owed him, and he did not have pity. Even though this slave was forgiven, he was still wounded in his heart, because he did not embrace what was done for him. Which made it impossible for him to pay it forward. What about you, are you still wounded? You will know by the way you treat other people. If you are always negative and combative then you are still wounded. Your Heavenly Father has blessed and forgiven you. Why, to change your heart, so that you can be healed. It’s only when you are healed that you are able to pay it forward, and this is how you are able to see the value of what has taken place in your life. Think about this statement “wounded people will spend time wounding others, while healed people are sharing their blessings with others.” What are you doing?