The Storm Will Pass

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The definition for storm is “a disturbance of normal conditions of the atmosphere”. This also holds true in the storms we go through in our lives. In Psalm 57:1 David says “in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge, until the destroying storms pass by”. David was dealing with a disturbance of normal conditions because his father-in-law Saul wanted to destroy him. When the people of Israel gave more praise to David than Saul the king, he became jealous. This jealousy became hatred causing Saul to want to kill David. When David was on the run he realized his only hope for survival was “in the shadow of the wings of God”, and he was going to stay there until the “destroying storms passed by”. David wants to remind us the storms will pass. However, we need protection from it and only God can provide it, because He is our refuge.
Are you dealing with a disturbance of normal conditions (storm)? If so, where are you taking refuge? If not with God, then you are placing yourself in harm’s way. So, I encourage you to take refuge in God as the storm is raging, and remember it will pass.