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When the disciples saw Jesus Christ alive after He was crucified, their lives were never the same. By Jesus being resurrected from the dead, it allowed them to understand all things are possible with God. It helped them to know there will be times when things will appear to be working against them.  But they are to continue to trust the Lord. In doing so, they will see how the power of the Lord will turn things around. How can this happen, when we embrace the promises? The Lord will release His power, and things will come together according to His purpose.

In Acts 1:1-11, we are able to see the promise, the power, and the purpose. This epistle was written by Luke to show the Acts of the Holy Spirit. In these verses, we have the promise, the power, and the purpose. First, we have to talk about the promise Jesus made to His disciples. He told them to stay in Jerusalem and wait for the promise of the Father. By staying in Jerusalem they were in a place where their lives were at risk, but they had to remain there to receive the promise of the Holy Spirit. Once the promise was for-filled they would receive the power of the Holy Spirit. This is needed, because there will be times they will feel they can’t move forward, that’s when the power of the Holy Spirit gives them the strength to press their way forward. After receiving the Holy Spirit, they are ready to move forward in their purpose. Which is to be a witness to all people to let them know, salvation was brought into the world through the actions of Jesus Christ. This is what Jesus told them in these verses, and now they have to make a decision. They decided to step out on faith and wait for the promise, which will give them power. Through this power, they will be able to move forward in their purpose. 

What about you, are you willing to wait on the promises the Lord has made? I want you to know the first victory you received is when you wait on the Lord. By doing this you are placing your faith in the Lord, and He will do as promised. Then you will receive the power to accomplish what He has called you to do. Now you are able to move forward in your purpose because you have been well-equipped to complete your tasks. This will happen when you trust the process, and don’t try to get ahead of the Lord. Things must move forward in the sequence of the Lord, the promise, the power, and the purpose. Continue to walk in your blessings.