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The one thing that is important in the life of a child of God is being connected with our God. There are some things that are essential in maintaining your connection with God, and the enemy knows what they are. Therefore, he is always working to disrupt the connection and if he’s successful, it can cause you to feel unstable. This is why it’s important for us to do the following on a continuous basis; read God’s word, pray, live by applying His word to our lives, and allow the Lord to use us. These things are essential in maintaining a strong connection with God. However, the enemy will try to do whatever he can to cause us to become disconnected. If he is successful, you will have some disruptions in your connection with the Lord.

In Daniel 6:1-23, the enemy was attempting to cause Daniel to have disruptions in his connection with God. The other leaders were jealous of the position Daniel held in the kingdom, and they knew he was about to be promoted. They also knew he was faithful in praying three times a day facing toward Jerusalem. So, they presented a law to the king saying for the next thirty days, no one was to pray to anyone divine or human except to the king. This pleased the king, so he signed it into law. If anyone breaks this law they will be thrown into a den of lions. The leaders knew Daniel would not stop praying to his God. So, they watched him and saw him praying in his house. They grabbed him and brought him to the king, to make him aware Daniel broke the law. They could not wait to throw him into the lion’s den. The king was troubled by what he had to do because he respected Daniel. However, that night Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den, and a stone was placed in front of the den. The king did not sleep but stayed up fasting. At the break of the day, the king hurried to the den and began to call out to Daniel. Daniel responded and the king brought him out. Then Daniel told the king how God sent his angel to shut the mouths of the lions, so they would not hurt him. Even though Daniel was by himself, he was not alone. Why, because he maintained his connection with God, and knew He was faithful. Therefore, being disconnected was not an option.

There will come a time when others will attack you, because of the connection you have with the Lord. Therefore, they will do whatever they can to attempt to break or disrupt your connection to cause some disruptions in your life. However, you have to remain diligent and continue doing the things that have allowed your connection with the Lord to flourish. Stay focused on your relationship with the Lord, and it will get you through whatever the enemy will try to do. Why, because being disconnected is not an option. Continue to walk in your blessings.