The Lord Is Watching Over You

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This virus is doing all it can to maintain a stronghold on the entire world. Once people
started to get vaccinated the number of cases dropped dramatically, and the number of
deaths and hospitalizations did the same. Then the number of people being vaccinated
started decreasing because some were not sure about the vaccine. However, people
were excited because the country started opening. Now the number of cases started
rising in those that were not vaccinated. Also, the number of people being hospitalized,
and the number of deaths is increasing. This change of events has caused the hope
that was once growing to begin to dwindle. The CDC is recommending that we all wear
masks while we are indoors and some states are following suit. However, saints, we
have to continue to trust in the Lord, because He is watching over us.
We read in Psalm 33:18-22, the theme for this Psalm is the greatness and goodness of
the Lord. In verse 18 we are told, “truly the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him, on
those who hope in His steadfast love.” When we see the word fear in this statement it
means, those that have reverential trust in the Lord. These are the ones the Lord has
His eye on, and our hope is in His steadfast love. We will make it through this ordeal,
because of our faith, trust, and love we have in the Lord. The virus is responsible for
millions of deaths throughout the world. However, we are still here, because the Lord
has delivered us from death.
Since our hope is in the Lord, we are going to wait on Him, because He is our help and
our shield. Saints, when the enemy attacks us, we have to wait on the Lord. Through
Him being our shield, all that is coming at us is blocked. This pandemic has triggered a
lot of negativity in our country, but our hearts are glad. Why, because we trust in a Holy
God and we know He will bring us through this pandemic. We know His love for us is
unwavering, therefore, we will continue to place our hope in Him. Remember, the Lord
is watching over you. Continue to walk in your blessings!