The Lord Is Good!

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In Psalm 34:8 the writer is challenging all that read it to do the following, “taste and see”. In essence the writer wants you to have a personal relationship with the Lord. He wants you to allow the Lord to come into your life, to change you from the inside out. When you take the first step to “taste”, your transformation will begin. Then you will be able to “see” the Lord working in you and through you. As you go throughout your day you will see and experience the presence of the Lord. You will see how the Lord will take a negative situation and work it for your good. You will see the Lord change the lives of others based on what He has done in you. When this happens the conclusion of this statement has now unfolded in your life “that the Lord is good”. The ¬†purpose of this Psalm is to inspire every reader to know “that the Lord is good.” However, the only way you can come to this conclusion is when you “taste and see”. If you don’t follow the instructions as they are given you will not get the expected results the writer has given.¬†

It is important for you to understand is that you can’t cheat the process. There is no shortcut, you have to do as the writer has instructed. I wonder how many people are trying to see the Lord, but have not allowed Him to transform their lives. You will not be able to see the Lord working around you until He’s in you. Your vision will be distorted until you let Him in. Are you ready to taste? If so, then you will see and know that the Lord is good!