Do You Remember?

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Whenever we are faced with a crisis in our lives we begin to dwell on it. All the things that are important to us now take a back seat. The grief we are dealing with becomes so overwhelming that we start to shut down and alienate those closes to us. The reality is we are doing it and not even aware of our actions because we are consumed with grief. The writer of Psalm 77 states in verse 10, God can change our grief.  We have to take the position in knowing God is our help and will get us through our current crisis. In Psalm 77:11-14 we are instructed to remember what The Lord has done for us in the past and He will do it again.

It is left up to you to remember what The Lord has done for you in the past and meditate on it. This will lead to your breakthrough in your current situation. I want you to take your attention away from the situation and focus on The Lord.  You will be amazed on how your thoughts will begin to change. You have to remember there is nothing greater than the God you serve!