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In Matthew 21:12-14, Jesus entered into the temple and drove out all that were buying and selling animals.  He kicked out those that were money changers.  All of this took place after Jesus made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  The question we must ask is,  “why was this necessary”?  The temple was becoming like the marketplace.  The focus was on the money being made and not on worshiping God. Since the emphasis was on selling animals, those that came to buy them were catered to in the temple. Those that needed healing and were not able to purchase a sacrifice, were not given any attention. This is why Jesus quoted Jeremiah 7:11, because the house of God was not functioning according to it purpose. Those that needed to be in the temple were being robbed of this opportunity.  Jesus had to drive out the buyers,  sellers, and money changers, in order to cleanse the temple. Once this took place, the blind and lame made their way to Jesus and He cured them.
Jesus is letting us know, God’s house is different from all others places that we go. God’s house has many functions and the purpose for us coming is to worship and pray to God.  People are drawn to God’s house because they are seeking something different from what they have been experiencing in the world.  At God’s house, visitors hear about Jesus being a healer, deliver, and savior of the world. They hear music and songs praising the the Lord for all He has done.  Looking around and seeing people worshiping the Lord,  you realize you want what these people have and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  This is what makes God’s house different from any other place in this world.  Hallelujah!