There Is Always Room For More!

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Everything around us has limitations, when you get on an elevator it may state maximum capacity is 12 people or 2,500 pounds.  When searching for airline tickets and you need 4 seats but they tell you they only have 3 left, because the airplane is at maximum capacity.  You are at a bus stop waiting and 3 buses pass by, because they have reached maximum capacity.  You get to church 5 minutes after service has started and you have to sit in the overflow area because the sanctuary has reached maximum capacity.  We all have to deal with limitations in our lives.

Imagine being in church praising God and during the time of praise a few people just stop and sit down.  You ask them why have they stopped and they tell you they have reached their capacity for praise.  I know this sounds far fetched, but there are some who believe you don’t need to praise God all the time.    In Hebrews 13:15: “Through Him, then, let us continually offer a sacrifice of praise to God”.  No matter how much we praise God there is always room for more. We have to understand God has not put any limitations on how He blesses us. Therefore, how can we even consider how much praise we will give to God?  If God did not send His son to save us, we would still be tore up from the floor up.  That’s why we continually praise God because we have been saved from a life of hell.  When you praise God and somebody is giving you that look, let them know you are just getting started. Why? Because there is always room for more!