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19580_praise_himWhen you come to church for service there is always a tremendous amount of emphasis placed on praising the Lord.  As you are reading this, I want you to think about what motivates you to praise the lord. Is your praise based on how well things are working out for you?  Are you motivated to praise the Lord when you are able to see things starting to work for your good? These are times we should praise the Lord, but what motivates your praise should be more than what you receive.  You have to understand:  if this is what it take to motivate you to praise Him, you are hanging out in the shallow end of the pool.  Also, you are basing your relationship with the Lord on what He gives you. The Lord wants us to go to the deep end of the pool. When you can praise the Lord when it seems like nothing is working out in your life, you are hanging out in the deep end of the pool. Don’t misunderstand me, the Lord will supply all of your needs, but He want us to have a deeper relationship beyond the material things. Think about this, even when things are crumbling around you, The Lord is still blessing you.  Everyday you wake up in your right mind and are able to move around, the Lord is blessing. That in itself is enough for you to praise The Lord.

In Psalm 135:1-3 the writer wants the servants of the Lord to give Him praise.  Why, because the Lord is good. Since you have a relationship with the Lord, He wants to bless you with this good. By being able to see good in people even when they treat you bad. Not just seeing the good, but doing good things for them even though you know they would not consider doing the same for you. This is how the Lord has changed your life; by moving you from being the problem, and becoming part of the solution. This is the purpose for your praise, because the Lord saw good in you when you could not see it in yourself. He continues to work on you, so that you will be better today than what you were on yesterday.  That is why I don’t wait until Sunday to praise Him, everyday I wake up I have a reason to praise Him.  Now, do you see the purpose in your praise?


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