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8547_fightersIn reading Acts 5:39 we need to make sure we are not fighting against God. Gamaliel, a well respected Jewish theologian made this statement. The purpose for making this point was to inform the leaders, there was no need for them to do anything. If man started this movement, it will die with the one that started it. However, if this is God’s divine plan; there is nothing you can do to stop it. They will be fighting against God. My brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, we don’t want to put ourselves in a position where we are fighting against God. Gamaliel understood, God does not need our permission to make changes. When the changes come; we don’t want to be at odds with God. The Jewish leaders were upset with the apostles, they were letting everybody know following Jesus Christ was the way to salvation. The Jewish leaders were upset because they were responsible for Jesus being crucified. If more Jews accepted Jesus, the less control they would have over the people. In essence Gamaliel was letting the leaders know: God is in control of everything.

Do we understand as Christians that God is in control, and He does not need our permission to do anything? When this concept is fully understood, there will no longer be any fighting in churches. We must recognize the more we fight in the church, the less we can fight for God outside the church. Why? Because, we have exerted so much energy fighting in the church, that we are too exhausted to fight for God outside the church. Think about the number of lives we could change, if we have the energy to fight for God on the battlefield. Do we understand the battle is outside the church? There are people that are starving spiritually, because we don’t have the energy to witness.

You have been called to fight the good fight through your faith. How do you think you came to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? Somebody was willing to fight through their faith to share the gospel. Now it’s your turn to continue the fight outside the church and to let people know there is a healer, deliverer, and an encourager in the land.


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