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Why are people more concerned with what you have, rather than being thankful for what they have. This is prevalent within our society, people are looking at what you have, and are trying to figure out how you got it. This is what we expect in the world, but this should not be how we conduct ourselves in the Church. In Matthew 20:1-16, we have the parable of the laborers in the vineyard. The landowner went to the marketplace before 6am to get laborers, they were told the daily wage and agreed to the amount. The landowner went back to marketplace at 9am, noon, 3pm, and 5pm, to get more laborers. The interesting thing about this parable is that all of them were idle until the landowner came to get them. This is just like us we were idle when the Lord called us. Also, we see everybody is not called at the same time. I believe the Lord called us when we were able to hear His voice. There was so much noise in our lives. Once we realized things had to change we stopped what we were doing. By doing this we were positioning ourselves to be able to hear the Lord’s call.

When evening came the laborers that came at 5pm were the first to be paid, and they were paid a full wage for an hour of work. Those that came at 6am were watching and saw what they received, so they were expecting to received more because they worked the entire day. However, they were paid the same amount, and were displeased with the landowner. The landowner talked with one of the 6am laborers and told him you were paid the agreed amount. The laborer was upset because those that came and work for a hour, were treated as equal to those that were their all day. This can be an issue in Church when new people come to Christ. Those that were raised in the Church may not see them as equals, because they have just arrived.

We have to understand God loves us all. When we come to Christ as a preteen, teenager, young adult, adult, or senior – we all still have the same value in the sight of God. Why, because we have made the decision to be saved. Therefore, we are not to focus on when people come, but are they willing to work for the Lord?  I know they are ready to work, because they are able to see His generosity. Which is God’s grace and mercy! That’s why we all lift up our hands and say “thank you Lord, for being generous”!