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When we look at all the things that are occurring within our country it will cause us to drop our heads. When our heads drop we stop moving, and if we are not careful we will become stuck where we are. In Psalm 24:7-10, David was reminding the people of God to lift up their heads, because the King of glory wants to come in. David realized during his time there would always be something that could cause the people to drop their heads. He wanted them to know, The Lord was the only one that can keep them lifted up, once they let Him in.  They will continue to move forward, doing the will of The Lord. Knowing, The Lord is strong and mighty, and will give them the victory in all their battles. David wanted the people to understand their focus is not on the negativity in world, but on The Lord who is the King of Glory.

Where is your focus? You can answer this question by looking at your life. Are you moving forward doing as instructed by The Lord, or are you stuck doing nothing?   If you are stuck, it’s time for you to lift up your head so The Lord can come into your life. He has a plan for you to do great things, because you are valuable to Him. It’s time for you to get started!