Silence Is Not An Option!

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Church is a place where people should be free to praise God without any obstacles.  This is true until the person making all the noise is sitting right behind you. We don’t know what that person is going through or what they have been through.  In Mark 10:46-52 we read about a blind beggar on the roadside who heard Jesus, and began to call out to Him. The crowd told him to be quiet but he shouted even louder – until he was able to get Jesus’s attention. From this encounter, this man’s sight was restored!  Why, because to him silence was not an option.

What are you in need of from God but you have remained silent?  Yes, God knows everything but He is waiting to hear from you.  I want you to realize your blessing is passing by because of your silence.  Think about this, the blind beggar’s situation would not have changed if he chose to remain silent.  Your situation will not change until you make the decision to say silence is not an option.