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During the season of lent we tend to talk a lot about what Jesus gave up for us, and this is good. However, I want to share with you the motivating factor in Jesus coming to pay the ultimate price for us, and that is love. Every action by God for His people in the Old Testament was to provide, maintain, sustain, and restore them through love. Therefore; when Jesus Christ came to transition the people of God to the New Testament, love was at the center of it all. In John 3:16 (NRSV) it starts out with these words “for God so loved the world”, Jesus was in dialogue with Nicodemus when He made this statement. Jesus wanted Nicodemus to know then and for us to know now, God does for us, because He loves us! Nicodemus was being educated on the foundational principle of why God cares so much for His creation. Also God is letting it be known,  if you say you love, there has to be actions to substantiate what you’ve stated. In verse 16 it continues “that He gave His only Son”, God showed His love through giving the best He had to offer for us. Think about this: God gave His best while we were at our worse. Verse 16 concludes with this statement “so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life.” God gives the purpose for His love, and that is for us to have eternal life. As Nicodemus heard what Jesus said, he was going to be given an option to accept or reject the love God was showing him. It still holds true for us today, God gave Jesus for the world knowing that some would reject His love.

Where do you stand in the offer God has presented to you in John 3:16? Before you answer, I want you to take some time and look at your life. When you look at yourself in your current state – do you rejoice, or do you look away with disappointment? If you are disappointed you need to accept God’s offer to embrace Jesus Christ as your Lord and  Savior. He will change you, and you’ll be able to say “God loves me!”  I encourage you to share this blog, also we would like to hear from you. You can contact us from this webpage. Be blessed.