You Are A Difference Maker!

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In Ezekiel 37:1-14 God takes Ezekiel in the spirit to a valley of dry bones and gives him the opportunity to walk around, and see there is no life in the valley. After showing this to Ezekiel, God raised this question, “can these bones live”? His response to the question was “O Lord God, you know.” Ezekiel knew he was incapable of performing this task, but it was not too hard for God. God then told him to speak to the dry bones. When he did as God instructed, the bones for each body came back together. Then he spoke again and the breath of life was breathed into them. The first 10 verses were the imagery of the Jews that were in captivity in Babylon in verses 11-14. They were alive but lifeless and all hope was gone. However, God was instructing Ezekiel to speak life and hope to them. In order to successfully complete this task, he had to believe God and step out on faith. When he moved by faith,  God used him to be a difference maker for the Jews in captivity.

The reason for Ezekiel’s success was that he did not focus on the obstacles, but on the opportunity to make a difference. The obstacle was the disposition of the Jews.  If he focused on them, he would not be successful in what he was called to do. I could imagine him preaching to them, and some of them telling him, he is wasting his time. They were telling him this because they felt  forgotten by God. Therefore, don’t waste time on a forgotten people. Ezekiel had to look past all of that and remember God has given him the opportunity to be a difference maker.

Where is it that God wants to send you to make a difference? God has showed you the condition of the situation (obstacle), but He is showing you how you can make a difference (opportunity). If you focus on the physical condition of the situation; you won’t go. However, if you trust God and step out on faith-you will become a difference maker!