New Blog: I’m In a Good Place! A Series on Noah

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Genesis chapter 7 describes  Noah boarding   the animals on the ark, because the Lord is going to make it rain. In verse 16 we learn  once Noah, family, and animals were in the ark the Lord shut him in. After Noah had completed the task of loading all the animals, the Lord shut and sealed the door Himself. By the Lord sealing the door from the outside the water and people would not be able to get in. By the Lord securing the door, it let them know they were in a good place!   Yes, they were in a place where they were restricted, but they were safe from the rain and the flood. The Lord told Noah it would rain for forty days, and the only good place to be was on the ark. After a few days of rain the floods came and the ark is now floating on the water. I can imagine Noah wondering if the ark was sturdy enough to withstand the rain and the flood. Even though the Lord told him how many days it would rain, Noah was probably counting them. Could you imagine how they were feeling knowing everything that was living on the earth was being destroyed. After a day of raining they could have heard people banging against the ark wanting Noah to let them in. But, after a week all they could hear was rain hitting the ark, and the flood waters moving them about. It’s amazing to realize while the ark was floating it was being guided by the hand of the Lord. That’s why the ark was a good place.


Do you realize when you come to Church you are in a good place? The only reason you have been able to weather the storm was because you have been coming to this good place. Let’s take it a step further, once you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit dwells inside of you. Therefore, when you leave the church building you are still in a good place, because you are still in the presence of God. Why? Because, the Holy Spirit is with you every place you go! Hallelujah!!!