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In Psalm 52:8(NRSV) David says, he is like a green olive tree in God’s house. As I examine this statement David’s use of the adjective “green” stands out. I believe David wanted everyone to know he was healthy and strong spiritually because he is rooted in God. It is believed David wrote this Psalm after learning Saul instructed Doeg to kill the priest and his family that gave him food and a weapon (1 Samuel 21 & 22). David blamed himself for their death, but he realized the only way he would get through this ordeal was to place his trust in God. It is easy to trust God when everything is going well in our lives, but what happens when trials and tribulation come knocking and let themselves in? This will cause us to be in despair but this is the time we have to draw on our relationship with God. This is not the time to fall apart but to draw closer to God.

Where are you right now, is it easy or is there a knock at your door? There will always be something coming at you for the sole purpose to uproot you. When it comes, you have to remember who brought you this far and that He will never leave nor for sake you. You know it was nobody but The Lord that has brought you this far and will take you all the way. You have to remind yourself, I am rooted in God and that is where I am going to stay. I will not allow myself to be up rooted!